Koss, a Vulcan male

Sub-commander T'Pol, a Vulcan female

Stereotypes[edit | edit source]

The following are examples of common types of opinions by Vulcans toward other races:

  • Humans: “They are often reckless and usually illogical. It was, however, under their aegis that the United Federation of Planets was formed, which was a significant sociopolitical undertaking, and will undoubtedly lead to great advancements for both of our peoples."
  • Andorians: “Andorians are paranoid to the point of neurosis. This regrettable trait will ultimately lead to the race's self-induced annihilation."
  • Tellarites: “It is best to avoid direct verbal interaction with Tellarites, as they view all forms of communication as a contest, and any oral engagement is perceived as an affront. Nevertheless, they are generally considered to be a trustworthy people."
  • Denobulans: “They are valued allies who posses much scientific and technological insight, their... exuberant social tendencies notwithstanding."
  • Klingons: “Klingons have perhaps the least appreciation for logic of any species yet encountered, preferring to live by their malformed code of 'honor.' I fear that a conflict between the Federation and their Empire is inevitable."
  • Romulans: “A most disagreeable race."
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