Commander Thy'lek Shran, an Andorian thaan

Talas P'Trell, an Andorian zhen

Stereotypes[edit | edit source]

The following are examples of commonly-held stereotypes of Andorians toward other races:

  • Humans: "What does one say about pinkskins? Most are about as interesting as Regulan bloodworms, though one or two I've met can actually hold their own in battle."
  • Vulcans: "Haughty, spineless hypocrites, the whole lot of them."
  • Tellarites: "Assign one to the engine room, where he'll be useful. Keeping him on a leash is optional, of course, but surprisingly effective."
  • Denobulans: "Can't fight worth a damn, but at least they're a bit more enlightened about mating practices."
  • Klingons: "I'd like to see one of those windbags survive a week in the Northern Wastes of Andoria!"
  • Romulans: "A race of cowards... won't even face their enemies in battle. I wonder if they're somehow related to Vulcans!"
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